A small selection of my artwork

The elephant

Oil on canvas,

80 x 100 cm

A.I. Vicky

Oil on canvas,

80 x 140 cm

The Elephant in oil paint


For me, creating art is a necessity. It’s the best tool I’ve found to keep my brain roughly normal.

Creating art helps me quiet my mind, helps my thoughts stand still and stops the ADHD-train from going completely off the rails. More specifically, it allows me to focus on one thought at a time.

Almost. When I paint the thought is only alone for a few seconds. It’s progress, and practice makes better, closer to perfect. One day I might be able to put the ADHD-train to a standstill for whole minutes, who knows.

I have a history as a business owner, working with graphic design, and as a professional photographer. Personally I struggle with a few mental issues; ADHD, stress, anxiety, etc. And in addition to all of that I had a minor stroke a few years ago that is still affecting me today. My family and my painting are the key things that keep me from going more insane than I would consider normal.

Best wishes Poul G

My bristle

Valdemar dreaming

Oil and acrylic on canvas,

100 x 80 cm

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